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Woman accuses sleazy divorce attorney of raping her in her drunk state.

Peter Cedeno was actually a celeberated attorney who had also served in the District Attorney’s office before starting his very own law firm (Peter L. Cedeno & Associates, P.C.) which specialized in DUI, child custody, divorce and other family law matters.

His reputation quickly changed when news about his unethical behavior with hsi clients broke out in 2016. Following that relevation, more people came forward with their own horror stories involving him in the wake of the #meToo movement.

A New York woman who was seeking divorce from her husband at that time had enlisted the service of Peter L. Cedeno. He used his position as her legal counsel and exploited her emotionally vulnerable state to pursue a romantic relationship, even though Peter Cedeno was married and had kids of his own at that time.

He asked her out on lunch on the pretext of her legal case and used the opportunity to get her drunk. Following this, he followed her to her apartment where he raped her in an intoxicated state. The woman alleges she clearly told him “no” and asked him to stop, but he continued to rape her.

Peter Cedeno also used his power as the legal counsel to thwart reconciliation attempts by the husband of the victim. He deliberately witheld information, and on multiple occasions even provided misleading information to his client.

Following this harrowing ordeal, the victim has finally filed a lawsuit in New York against Cedeno. The suit accuses Cedeno of malpractice, negligence and sexual assault. As of now, the criminal charges against him are undecided as the case is still under judicial consideration.

Several other women have also come forward alleging Cedeno of indulging in similar behavior with them. One such woman accuses Peter of openly demanding sex in exchange for using his legal expertise to win her case. The woman at that point changed her legal counsel, but it left her with deep mental trauma.

Another woman started a petition against Cedeno on the online platform Change.org requesting the NY Bar Association to look into these accusations as she also personally was sexually assaulted by Peter Cedeno when he was her client. The online petition has already amassed support from a few hundred people.

There have been reports online about Cedeno hiring PR firms to help supress and whitewash these incidents and stories of his unethical behavior. Quite a few of his former clients have come forward on Reddit and other review sites like dirtyscam.com and PeterCedenoReview.com to share their distressing encounters they had with him.


Peter Cedeno: Slimy Lawyer – NYDailyNews from r/petercedeno


The Legacy of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a pioneer in every sense of the word

Certainly changed my world. Outside of my immediate people only death that affected me this much was Lennon. This one even more. A true visionary as an entrepreneur, a business person-and a hard working visionary. He changed the world. Our country, our society, the world has lost someone way to early on par with Edison, Ford etc. All warped into one complex person who not only saw the future but created it.

Steve Jobs, where do I start. He was a innovator, trendsetter, businessman and complete genius. Steve Jobs made me excited about being part of Apple as a consumer. Waiting to see what the next product being developed would be and where his vision was taking Apple. He was a gift to the world. A rare jewel, who was a Superstar on a global scale. To his family, friends, co-workers I send my prayers and God Bless. Cherish the good times you had with him and keep his vision and works going full steam ahead.

Steve has been a blessing to us all. The world has been that much of a better place with his existence in it. I am so proud to be a part of Apple and to have experienced the innovativeness of Steve Jobs. I am an early adopter of Apple products, raised my children on Apple products and now I live Apple products. Thank you so much for changing my life. You will live on forever in the work that you left as your legacy.

To the Apple team- I am very sorry for the loss of your incredible founder. It’s true that he will always be remembered for revolutionizing the mobile phone, the way we buy & listen to music, and what we expect from our personal computers. You all had the benefit of working with him, side by side, and the baton has now been passed to you. I think I can speak for many Apple lovers when I ask that you continue to manifest his vision, and carry his spirit of ingenuity into the future.


My First Memories…

My first memories of Apple go back to my old Lisa and Mac+ computers. I’ve been an Apple junkie ever since. Apple has lost his daily presence, but his spirit runs through the entire tech community. Raising a Guinness in his honor.



Jobs The Film – Complete Sound Track

The film JOBS, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, follows Steve Jobs’ life from his days as a college drop-out through his rise, fall, and eventual return to building one of the greatest brands in the world – Apple; The inspirational story of a man who changed the world forever.